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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Not Quite Hollywood

poster for documentary not quite hollywood

In general, Australian cinema is not widely recognised much further beyond the films that struck a cord overseas, as in major successes like ‘Crocodile Dundee’ or the critically acclaimed ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’. 

There was the moderate success of the Mad Max series, but in a broader sense, home grown cinema received slight recognition outside of the country. Probably less well known is the sizeable body of exploitation films, which arose during the Australian New Wave. 'Not Quite Hollywood' looks at the phenomenon of Ozploitation cinema to rectify this lack of acknowledgement.

Not Quite Hollywood focuses on three types of films that typically fill the following criteria for exploitation cinema; films with loads of sex, action and horror or a combination of all three. Comedy tends to be another type of film that creeps in, though the documentary focuses mainly on the latter three. Films that come under the scope include everything from worthwhile skin flicks like ‘Felicity’, to superb action films like such as ‘Roadgames’ and, finally, what Ozploitation is best known for; horror films.

A lot of ground is covered with interviews taken from plenty of stars and directors alike, some who went on to great success aboard, like George Miller, director of 'Happy Feet', as well as Russell Boyd who directed 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World'. There are also interviews from aficionados such as Quentin Tarantino and younger directors such as James Wan (Saw) and Greg McLean (Wolf Creek). Not to be left out, critics get their say and it's disparaging!

The film runs at such a rapid pace (much like the high octane road movies it features) it’s hard to keep up, but that’s not to say it isn’t highly entertaining. The anecdotes are often extraordinary, showing how tough it was to make films under the pressure of the Australian censorship board and various film critics. It also features a poignant moment towards the end which shows the demolition of various drive-in cinemas at the end of the late eighties.
Not Quite Hollywood is chaotic, lively and extremely funny, just like the films the documentary champions. See it now!

Starring: Phillip Adams, Christine Amor, Glory Annen, Victoria Anoux, Ian Barry
Director: Mark Hartley
Screenplay by: Mark Hartley
Date released: Ireland 26 October 2008
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 103 min
Official URL: N/A
Reviewed by: Conor Flynn

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