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Monday, 2 March 2015

Friday the 13th - 35th Anniversary Screening


 Friday the 13th - 35th Anniversary Screening

His name was Jason and on Friday the 13th March at 10.45pm, Grindhouse Dublin celebrates his 35th Anniversary! We are thrilled to announce this months screening at the Lighthouse Cinema, the original horror classic Friday the 13th in a brand new print! 

Friday the 13th poster (1980)

Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, a place with a "death curse", if the prophet of doom - crazy Ralph - is to be believed! The infamous camp is readying to reopen for business, 21 years after the deaths of two teenagers in 1958 and a young boy the year previously.

One by one, a new generation of counsellors, unaware of the camps horrifying history, are stalked by an unseen killer, rampant with lust for gory revenge! Ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma!  

Starring Betsy Palmer (and featuring a very young Kevin Bacon!), this classic slasher from 'The Last House on the Left' producer Sean S. Cunningham has gone on to spawn a franchise of horror sequels and introduced the world to the legend of Jason Voorhees...

Friday the 13th will be shown in all its uncut gory glory at Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield on Friday 13th March at 10.45pm!

Tickets €9.00 - Students €7.50

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