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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

To Live and Die in L.A. Screening

Grindhouse Dublin, in association with Light House Cinema, are thrilled to announce our Friday August 21st screening, William Friedkin's blistering 80's masterpiece 'To Live and Die in L.A.'!

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to live and die in la

Having already left audiences on the edge of their seats with 'The French Connection' (considered one of the greatest crime films ever), director William Friedkin returned to the grit filled streets with this raw and quintessential 80's hard as nails thriller. 

Based on the novel by Gerald Petievich, 'To Live and Die in L.A.' follows Richard Chance (William Petersen) a fearless secret service agent, who must track down a counterfeiter, Eric Masters (Willem Dafoe). This investigation turns to obsession, when Masters mercilessly guns down Chance's partner. Now Chance will stop at nothing to take Masters down no matter the cost.

Much like 'The French Connection', this features an astonishing, must see on the big screen, car chase scene, but this time with the added thrill of heading the wrong way on a freeway. Put simply, this is one Grindhouse Dublin screening which will leave you breathless from start to finish...

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