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Grindhouse Dublin Events Page

Grindhouse Dublin events are listed below and show our coming events, along with past events.

Friday October 21st - Carrie (40th Anniversary)
Friday September 23rd - Big Trouble In Little China (30th Anniversary)
Friday August 26th - Highlander - (30th Anniversary)
Friday July 29th - Grizzly (40th Anniversary)

Friday June 24th - The Thing (1982)
Friday May 27th - Bride of Re-Animator 
Friday April 29th - Rambo Double Bill (Rambo Part II & III)
Friday April 01st - April Fools Day (30th Anniversary)
Friday February 26th - Red Heat
Friday January 29th - Universal Soldier
Friday January 01st - Tombstone

Friday 27th November - First Blood
Friday 13th November - Friday the 13th Part 2
Friday 30th October - Army of Darkness
Friday 25th September - Roadhouse
Friday 21st August - To Live & Die in L.A. - 35mm screening
Friday 24th July - Death Wish 3 & Masters of the Universe Double Bill - 35mm screening
Friday June 26th - Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
Friday May 29th - Demolition Man
Friday April 24th - Ninja Scroll
Friday March 27th - House Of Wax - Real 3D
Friday March 13th - Friday the 13th - 35th Anniversary Screening
Friday February 27th - Commando - 30th Anniversary Screening
Friday January 30th - Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer


Friday December 19th - Tango & Cash
Friday November 28th - Shogun Assassin
Friday October 31st - The Crow - in 35mm
Friday September 26th - Class Of 1984
Friday August 29th - Cobra & The Running Man
Friday July 25th - Robocop
Friday June 27th - Bloody Birthday
Friday May 30th - Ms. 45
Friday April 25th - Mad Max & Mad Max 2 Double Bill
Friday March 28th -  Bloodsport
Friday February 28th - Assault On Precinct 13
Friday January 31st - Perfect Blue


Friday December 27th - Silent Night, Bloody Night
Friday November 29th - Bonnie's Kids
Friday November 1st - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre & Tourist Trap
Friday September 27th - The Nanny
Friday August 30th - Rock 'n' Roll High School
Friday July 26th - The Toxic Avenger
Friday June 22nd - Escape From New York

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